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Our knowledge and experience in planning, pre-construction design, equipment selection, installation and support of the service and parts department have made us the top choice of car dealerships, municipalities and service shops.  Pacific Lift & Equipment Company, Inc understands that an efficient, customer-friendly retail environment is essential to the success of your business.







May 2017: Kunzik & Sara has built a state of the art facility in Santa Monica and Pacific Lift and Equipment has outfitted Mini with Rotary above ground lifts, Graco lubrication, Graco Matrix fluid inventory software, Saylor Beall air compressor, Lista work bench systems, Borroughs parts shelving, Containment Solutions storage tanks, EuroVent overhead rail exhaust and Norco miscellaneous equipment.  




April 2017: Phase 2 is underway.  Pacific Lift and Equipment is outfitting Rusnak with Rotary in-ground lifts, Graco lubrication, Saylor Beall air compressor, Containment Solution storage tanks, Hunter alignment and tire equipment, Shure work bench systems and much more.  


Rusnak Arcadia Mercedes-Benz 101 S Santa Anita Ave, Arcadia, CA 91006



Fountainview  at gonda  vehicle  storage  lifts  


December 2015: Something NEW and EXCITING.  We have teamed up with Park Plus vehicle storage and are installing 75 double vehicle storage lifts at the Fountainview Gonda luxury community in Playa Vista California debuting in 2016!


Park Plus High Density Vehicle Storage


Fountainview at Gonda Westisde






September 2016: Hoehn Audi is building a new dealership in Temecula with Demspey Construction.  Pacific Lift is providing and installing the Rotary in-ground lifts, Graco lubrication system, Shure work benches, Borroughs shelving, Eurovent exhaust system, and Containment Solutions oil storage tanks.





April 2017: The City of Los Angeles is building a new bus service station and Pacific Lift is equipping the City of LA with five Rotary Heavy Duty MOD 30 in-ground lifts and a parallelogram lift along with lube equipment.





Southern  california  edison  ontario


June 2015: Southern California Edison Ontario facility expanded their automotive service repair shop.  Pacific Lift installed Edison with an Enviro Lube 48' pit, Rotary Heavy Duty Mod 30 lift, Shure work bench system, Graco lube system and much more service repair equipment.




we  are ali  certified  lift  inspectors


An ALI Certified Lift Inspector has been tested, proven and certified to thoroughly inspect an installed vehicle lift and report on its suitability for continued use and/or the need for maintenance or repair. The ALI Certified Lift Inspector program includes extensive printed training materials, a six-hour orientation workshop, a written pre-course exam, a final course exam, and documented practical experience.  


More information or contact Adam Newcomb

Fairfield  ford  truck  center


1/15/2016: Northern California office supplied the Fairfield Ford Truck Center with some heavy duty Rotary SPO15, SPO18, SM30EL3 lifts and a set of Rotary wireless 72,000lb mobile column lifts.  We also installed Graco lubrication, Shure workbench systems, Hunter alignment lift/ tire changer/wheel balancer and much more.


Fairfield Ford Truck Center 3050 Auto Mall Court, Fairfield, CA 94534 




woodland  chevrolet


1/15/2016: Northern California office outfitted Woodland Chevrolet with 9 inground Rotary smartlifts, 2 Rotary four-post lifts, 3 12,000lb inground lifts, Graco lubrication, Shure workbench systems, Champion air compressor, Hunter alignment lift, Containment Solutions storage tanks, Eurovent overhead exhaust and much more.


Woodland Chevrolet 1680 East Main Street, Woodland, CA 95776





2/8/2016: Something NEW and EXCITING. We are honored to be a part of this amazing new Mercedes and Audi Service Center in Chicago Illinois. Gensler Architects and Skender Construction are building a state of the art facility for Fletcher Jones.


Construction site drone footage:


norwalk  transit


2/19/2016: We equipped Norwalk Transit with a brand new Rotary 50,000lb capacity 6 leg Parallelogram lift in a recessed pit.  







July 2017: Kunzik & Sara and Pacific Lift and Equipment are teaming up to bring the City of El Cajon a world class Mercedes Benz Dealership.